Whistle Blowing Policy

As part of ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust Management Limited (the “Manager”) efforts to develop, promote and maintain high standards of corporate governance, the Board of Directors has approved the Manager’s Whistle Blowing Policy. This policy provides a communication channel for all employees, as well as any other persons, who may in confidence raise concerns about possible improprieties and/or obstructive action. The policy also protects the complainant from reprisal or victimization when he/she raises any concern in good faith and without malice.

Any complaint can be made either in person, or in writing, to the Audit Committee Chairman and its members. The complainant should send an email to
alog-whistleblow@ara-logos.com which will be routed directly to the Audit Committee Chairman and its members and copied to Head of Group Governance & Sustainability Division of ARA Asset Management Limited and Group Chief Corporate Officer & General Counsel of LOGOS Group, to allow independent investigation of the matter raised and appropriate follow-up action.

The Whistle Blowing Policy is available here.

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